Pneumatic-Electric Integrated Packing Machine


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Pneumatic-electric integrated packing machine is famous for its high performance, high efficiency and simple operation. As a national initiative, independent intellectual property rights are held, and national patent is authorized. This kind of packing machine combined the advantages of pneumatic packing machines and electric packing machines at home and abroad. 4V electric motor as the driving force, compressed air as auxiliary power, strapping is welded through vibration friction. Easier operation, higher efficiency, firmer joint strength and less failure are reached through the use of screen adjustment and computer control. It is still useable in extreme low temperatures.

Advantages: operation, width adjustable

2.welding neatly

3.welding firmly

4.high joint strength, more than 93% of the breaking strength

5.temperatures adjustable, useable in extreme low temperatures

6.dosage-saving, the dosage of strapping for cotton can be cut by 4%

7.omputer control, welding time, holding time and temperature precisely controlled, 50% energy saving compared to traditional pneumatic packing machine

9.slide rail removable, light and stable, low labor intensity, alloy support durable

10.stable and reliable, low failure, less packing bursting


    Nonferrous Metal Industry

  • Cotton Industry

  • Chemical Fiber Industry

  • Paper Industry


    Glass&Cans Industry

  • Building Material Industry

  • Others